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Safety, Health & Compliance

With OSHA’s eReporting mandate only months away, there are a number of questions we all should be asking ourselves:

  1. Are we prepared?
  2. If so is our proposed solution cost effective?
  3. What procedures are in place to ensure requisite accuracies, consistencies and controls across the entire organization?

In addition to thinking about OSHA eReporting requirements, now might be a good time to reassess other elements in your Workplace Safety, Health and Compliance process, such as

Incident ManagementContent/Document ManagementTraining
Safety and Health/Loss ControlCorrective and Preventive actions(CAPA)Asset Management
Data SecurityDeploymentAudit/Robust RMIS


Cloud-based Loss Prevention/Control, Incident Management and eReporting

  • Enhances Internal, State and Federal (OSHA) Tracking, Reporting and Mitigation Needs
  • Robust and Customizable Online Training
  • Securely Saves Content Offline to Ensure Prompt Download for Remote Employees Without Immediate Internet Access
  • Enterprise Content Management Capabilities Keep All Data (Regardless of Type) in a Single Secure Location for Review, Audit or Necessary Reproduction
  • Inherent Capabilities Include:
    • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
    • Auditing
    • Online Training
    • Capturing of Near Misses