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Workers’ Comp Solutions for Payors

Claims Management Software for Workers Compensation Cases

Xybion Health has developed a unique workers compensation platform designed to streamline workers compensation cases from first incident reporting through claims and payment management. Workers compensation claims are complex and regulated by each state and as such, require a system that integrates data and documents from multiple constituents into a single electronic case folder.  Data from the employer, medical examinations from the providers, compensation board determinations, prescriptions, treatments, re-evaluations and often appeals are collected as part of a typical workers’ compensation case.  Having a system that is the single source of truth supported by robust workflow and data analytics is crucial in the ever-changing workers compensation landscape.

Solution Modules


Xybion Health’s Claims Management Solution

Our software for payors is configured to support a wide variety of workers compensation claims—including work-related injury, occupational disease and workplace incurred fatality—as well as specific agency, regulatory and business requirements.  It manages the nuances of each state. In addition to the core functionality, the solution manages

  • Wages/Disability Rates
  • Managed Care
  • Special Handling at the Insured level
  • Three Point Contact
  • Lost Time
  • OSHA Reporting

Speed, compliance and ease of use are at the core of our web-based platform. By helping you excel at all of those key competencies in handling workers’ comp claims, your core business operations improve by being more accurate, more often, in bill review, compliance, and managed care. We can help you:

  • Increase productivity
  • Lower claim costs
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Empower better outcomes

While supporting workflow and rules for individual State WC guidance, Xybion also provides compliance with California’s updated workers compensation laws.  Learn More