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MACRA- Is your EHR ready for reporting?

With the MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015) coming into play from Jan 1 st 2017, which is just a few months away, it is high time to assess if your practice/hospital is ready for the upcoming first performance year.

If you are a Physician getting paid under the Physician Fee schedule, you are going to come under the radar of MACRA shortly. No matter which payment mode (MIPS or APM) you may decide to choose, it has become more imperative than ever to have the right kind of EHR that can do your reporting accurately reflecting positively on your clinic/hospital. This accounts for almost a quarter of your scoring.

The Advancing Care Information category which was previously called as the Meaningful Use would contribute to 25% of the MIPS score in the first year. This category requires Physicians to use a certified EHR   that should fulfill a set of measures aligning with the National Coordinator of the Health Information Technology s 2015 Edition Health IT certification criteria.

We at Xybion Health want to make sure that you have the right EHR that does not compromise on your scoring.

Here are the some of the points that you need to check off to be well prepared and safe during your first performance year, that is 2017.

1.Interoperability and Information exchange: Sure, you have the best EHR and it is from one of the well-known, who’s who of the industry and also certified. But does it run just well on its servers? That is not enough as CMS requires you to be able to transfer patient information when required to other information systems. Another hospital where your patient got admitted due to an emergency might not be using the same EHR system as you and if you cannot transfer patient information to that system, then your score is going to be lower than expected which can also eventually result in a penalty. The Office of National Coordinator of Health IT is continuously looking towards guiding and establishing standards for interoperability between providers and providers and payors.


2.Protecting Patient s privacy: Your EHR could be technically competent with all the cool features and be integrated with all of the systems in the hospital making it an easy task for anybody to access, of course it also leaves a trail of who logged in and out. Along with this, also make sure that your EHR can protect the privacy of the patient information with appropriate checks and controls on limiting the access to appropriate individuals and also ensuring safe transfer of information.


3.Patient accessibility: This was a controversial topic a decade ago on whether patients should be given access to their health records and how it should be given. With more and more people advocating for their rights to access their health records and also recent studies showing that patients who had access to their health records being more proactive and careful about tracking their health, it is the need of the hour to give patients access to their records that allows them to feel safe and more aware of their treatment options and possibilities. With paper records it is time consuming and cumber some to make copies and give it to patients and also to take precautions that they are not misplaced or lost. With the percentage of hospitals adopting EHR doubling each year, it is convenient for hospitals to give patients a safe electronic access to their health records and also allow them to track their patient activities after their hospital visits so that they have faster recovery rates. Hence, it is important to make sure that your EHR can give patients access to their records along with protecting their health information.


4.Coordination of care through patient engagement: With health care becoming more and more expensive with each passing day and with Insurance companies expecting Physicians to be accountable for each extra day of hospitalization, physicians are under pressure to send patients home on time. Obviously, expecting their patients to progressively recover. But sometimes the recovery is static and the patient thinks that’s fine as their condition has not worsened even if that’s not the same as improvement. This could be a cause of concern which the patient is not aware of and ends up in the ER of the hospital causing agony to himself and the Physician. If the Physician or his nurse assistant could track the progress of the patient and intervene when before the red flags pop up, then this would save time, money and also the life of the patient. So, coordination of care with proper and regular patient communication and monitoring is very much required and this is also something your EHR must be able to do for the benefit of the patients and also to improve your base and performance scoring.


5.Electronic Prescriptions: Ideally, patients should have electronic access to their prescription list so that they don’t have to go to the Physician s office each time just to have it written for refilling their medication. This also makes it easy for the Physician to see if their patients are taking the right medication for the prescribed time period. This kind of system wards off any kind of manual errors that might occur during writing and issuing medicines. If your EHR can make electronic prescriptions possible for your patients, it saves the patients a lot of effort to file them chronologically and also takes care of your practice s scoring.


6.Public Health and Clinical Data Registry Reporting: This is one aspect that can get your practice Bonus points. Yes, you read it right. Immunization reporting is mandatory and is required for your base scoring. But any other public health registry reporting other than that can earn your practice bonus points and save you from penalties and even better get you incentives. If your EHR is reporting ready with capabilities of data and document management, then you are all set to go into 2017 to get your base, performance and also bonus points.


How Xybion Health can help?

MACRA- Is your EHR ready for reporting?

Xybion Health’s Emidence is a flexible, customizable, evidence based, digital EHR solution with a patient portal that patient can access and enter their basic information and their medical history.

Patient can have access to their health records with guaranteed privacy and our system can easily integrate with other EHR systems, where patient data can be easily transferred to another provider or payor. Infact, this has the capabilities to provide multiple access sites to various stake holders all at once to their respective modules without invading each other’s work segments.

Coordination of care is not complex anymore with the interactive SMS/email features integrated into our system. Electronic prescriptions are a apart of the EHR with CPT codes embedded ensuring the right treatment for the respective diagnosis.


Public Health and Clinical data registry reporting can be done effortlessly with our document management module that can auto integrate and report data of all the patients to the concerned authorities. Reports can be customized and made according to the requirements as our system can be configured according to the requirements of your practice or specialty.

Xybion has been providing Total Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions for over 20 years and has integrated the their GRC competence into Xybion health platform making it seamless to manage compliance as a part of the basic heath care management process rather than as an additional task requiring multiplied effort.



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