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Xybion and Compliance go hand in hand.  Since 1977 Xybion Corporation has been developing solutions and services for companies operating in highly regulated environments and now, with our Xybion Health solution suite, we are focused on delivering the highest level of compliance possible for workers compensation software.

Platform Features

  • Evidence Based – From the point of first incident intake through the clinical process, Xybion Health ties all information gathering, recording and data presentation to industry guidelines.  before a claim is ever submitted through our system, the provider captures all injury and treatment plan information according to ACOEM.  This improves the overall quality of data while reducing claim reviews, re-submissions and rejections.
  • Achieve state mandated and medical data call reporting precision – with the support from our Service team who consistently achieve high reporting accuracy and timeliness. Avoid unwanted fines and unnecessary rework by using our reporting services.
  • Resource Library
  • EDI Reporting
  • eBilling and ePayment
  • Medical, FROI/SROI
  • CMS State Reporting
  • Regulatory Reporting Requirements
  • State Fee Schedules – Rules, Schedules, Guidelines
  • Evidence-based Utilization Guidelines
  • Networks – PPOs, MPNs, HCNs, MCOs and Ancillary programs
  • Case Management
  • Litigation Support via Attorney Portal